Semitrex TRONIUM Applications

Semitrex TRONIUM products provide the highest No-Load and Standby power delivery efficiency for a variety of applications.  Whether AC-DC or DC-DC voltage conversion is required, the Semitrex MuxCapacitor® can be combined with off-the-shelf output regulators for increased system efficiency.


Semitrex MuxCapacitor

The Semitrex MuxCapacitor is a multi-switch charge pump configured to provide multiple voltage conversation ratios, or gains.  Higher gain ratios are achieved by cascading multiple MaxCapacitor stages. Using efficient high voltage switches and low loss capacitors, the Semitrex MuxCapacitor delivers the most output energy available.  The MuxCapacitor is the only power delivery system that achieves 99% efficiency at light loads.  Magnetic based power supplies are at their worst with light loads.


MuxCapacitor Advantages

  • High-efficiency voltage conversion
  • 99% power delivery efficiency at light loads
  • Cascadable for high conversion ratios
  • Multiple gain ratios per MuxCapacitor stage
  • Flexible clocking for lowest vampire mode,
    No-Load power consumption
  • Minimum parts counts


MuxCapacitor Operation

The Semitrex MuxCapacitor switches are timed using a two phase clock.  Selective enabling of the switches charges up the appropriate capacitors to provide the desired voltage conversion ratio.  Variable clock frequency enhances low power efficiency.  Optional external clock synchronization is available to minimize noise coupling issues.



MuxCapacitor Efficiency Curve

The Semitrex MuxCapacitor Efficiency Curve highlights the performance advantage of the MuxCapacitor power delivery.  Not only is the efficiency extremely high, but there is no efficiency penalty at low operational loads.  Each MuxCapacitor stage consumes less than 1ua quiescent operating current