APEC 2017


Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) March 27 – 29, 2017 in Tampa, FL

Semitrex to Demo Disruptively Efficient Conversion of AC Mains to Low-Voltage DC

Semitrex’s unique AC-DC and PoE-LVDC ICs offer significant efficiency improvements for things that are always connected to AC Mains or 48VDC and have varying power demand or spend a lot of time in Standby or No-Load.

Our MuxCapacitor® technology cascades a series of capacitive voltage reductions.  End-to-end system efficiency is better than 90% — even with loads as low as 5mA, and Vampire power is less than 5mW — best in the industry.  Frost & Sullivan awarded us their 2015 and 2016 New Product Innovation Awards, and we were featured in the Planet Analog article: “Top 10 must-have innovations for power designers from APEC 2016”

Regulatory bodies’ demands for higher efficiency measured down to 10% of full load and in Standby present a challenge for traditional inductance-based buck regulator designs.  Our reference design can be used as a complete small transformer-less module — or our IC can be used as a front-end to an existing design.  We solve low-power and Standby efficiency — keeping your products cooler, making them “Super Green” and future-proofing them from increasingly strict efficiency requirements.

We are demoing and sampling AC-DC reference design modules; stop by booth #1338 and have a look!



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